House Rules

House Rules for Nathan's Sword Coast Adventures


Character Creation

Unless otherwise specified, all character creation options from supplement books are allowed. Material from Unearthed Arcana is open for discussion, but is not automatically allowed.

Ability score generation will be determined by group consensus. If we agree on rolling stats, if a character's ability score modifiers (before racial bonuses) add up to a total +4 bonus or less, the player may opt to discard that set of stats and re-roll. 

Languages: Because of the numerous languages added in the Forgotten Realms setting, all characters may choose one additional language to be fluent in at character creation. This bonus language must be a regional language, such as Chondathan or Illuskan. See the following for a more thorough list:

Race: A character's geographical origin must be specified, though this can be as vague as a nation or other large area (e.g., "Amn" or "The High Forest"). It could also be an organisation, such as a mercenary company or a thieve's guild. The origin should be where a character gained their background or class; it need not be their place of birth. Essentially, what i'm looking for here is some kind of answer to the question: "What did your character do before becoming an adventurer that gave them the skills they possess?"

Race: Variant humans are not used. In addition to their listed abilities, humans start with one bonus at first level: Choose from any single equipment proficiency (including a specific weapon or specific armor), any skill, or any language.

Description: Please provide at least a brief, basic description of the character, such as hair color, prominent facial features, etc. If you are drawing a blank this can be filled in later.


House Rules

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